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Hillwood Staff & Volunteers

Come meet Hillwood’s team of experienced, dedicated, and energetic educators. They are determined to help each student reach his or her academic potential while building a life-long love of learning. The teachers at Hillwood work together to ensure a continuity throughout the curriculum that benefits students, from kindergarten through eighth grade.

Additionally, teachers at Hillwood provide a solid foundation for enhancing students' learning through well-developed, inspiring educational programs tailored to each child's interests, skills, and needs. Teachers work to encourage students to develop friendships and positive attitudes while promoting independence. On a daily basis, teachers look forward to both learning from their students and being inspired by them.

Teachers and staff work in partnership with both parents and students to create a school environment that is comfortable and welcoming for everyone. Over the years, Hillwood has found that strong relationships and open dialogue with parents are key for a child's progress and success. Additionally, teachers work to address the specific needs of individual students to help them reach their full potential. Children are active in the learning process, and Hillwood teachers strive to provide them with educational opportunities that are challenging, interesting, inspiring, and fun.