Hillwood’s integrated curriculum emphasizes the core subjects of Math, English and Language Arts, Science, and History/Social Studies. In addition, we teach French as a second language from kindergarten to eighth grade. Throughout a child’s learning experience, the teachers at Hillwood work together to ensure both continuity throughout the curriculum and differentiated instruction.

Our school focuses on the individual child and helps him or her flourish academically and socially through small classroom sizes and tested academic curriculum. Through Hillwood’s size and regular communication with parents, teachers are able to customize the established curriculum to the needs and interests of each child. Students at Hillwood consistently test one to two years above grade level and go on to attend such San Francisco high schools as Lowell, Saint Ignatius, Gateway, and Sacred Heart.

Hillwood offers "combined" classrooms, which allow students from two grade levels to share much of the day together, working on complementary curriculums and learning from one another. The school’s kindergarten and first-grade students, for instance, often work side-by-side. The older children act as role models, while their younger peers benefit from the early exposure to the next step in their learning.

Hillwood supplements a student’s in-classroom experience with regular excursions into the many cultural and educational offerings of San Francisco. Students regularly attend plays and musical events as part of the school’s effort to make knowledge meaningful and inspiring outside a traditional education setting.

Our educators also work to balance our small size with real-world, hands-on experiences that transcend the classroom. In particular, we prepare our middle school students for the larger, more competitive high school setting. In addition to helping them build a strong academic base, we work to strengthen their confidence and organizational skills. Hillwood graduates regularly return to the school to talk with upper-grade students about the skills, attitude, and basic know-how needed to do well in high school.